Web Design , Development,
Hosting & Support

We can develop and deploy websites for all your business and personal needs. Our technology skills coupled with knowledge of SEO and user experience will aid in realizing your on-line potential whether it be a simple website or a social media integrated on-line store.

We specialize in:

  • PHP, HTML/HTML5, Java, AngularJS, React and more.
  • Wordpress, Magento, Shopify
  • Shopping Carts, Content Management Systems (CMS), Payment Gateway Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), CSS & Responsive Design
  • Web Frameworks including but not limited to: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Phalcon
  • JQuery, Angular JS, Web Sockets, Node.Js
  • XML, JSON, REST and SOAP web services
  • Web servers including Linux flavours, Windows, VPSs and Cloud deployment
  • Databases: MSSQL, MySQL, Mongo DB (NoSQL), Couche DB

Website Hosting

Hosting plans are tailor made and allow a seamless operation of your site. Addition of Cloud flare and SSL guarantees a secure and always available service. Inquire now for a suitable hosting plan.

Website Maintenance

Like all things in this world, having someone to ensure your websites and online apps are well oiled is mandatory. Patches, security fixes, updates to versions and other tweeks including content updates are some services we offer. Contact us for more information.

Software Development

Our software solutions provide insights to your business via automation of key manual processes and re-engineering of existing automated processes to enhance efficiency and gain better returns. We can do justice to tailor made solutions that will fit your requirement exactly at affordable prices. Don’t wait, call us or email for a quote.

Technologies We use

Mobile Application Development

Going mobile is never wrong. Why? Because it's the future today. With thousands of people adopting smart phones, tablets and other smart devices (smart watches anyone..) native and responsive mobile apps on Android and IoS will help your company tip the edge in your favour in today’s competitive business environment. This assures your consumers know you are leading in innovation and convenience.

Technologies We use

Embedded Systems, PCB Design & Fabrication

Engineering electronics is a hard job made easy at ET. Well let’s just say its easy for the right people. And we are the right people.

Engineering with resistors, diodes, transistors, logic gates, flash memories, system on a chips, programmable ICs…. there is a lot but what we want to let you know is, what ever the required we can design and fabricate the printed circuit boards that you required.

Embedded systems can help your company integrate at the bits and bytes level. Modbus, RS323, Ethernet, USB and many other comms ports allows intergration with your investment in process machines, robots and industrial systems to connect with your ERP and other management systems.

And it gets better. We can not only do you the hardware solutions, but also the firmware and the server/ client software they need to work on. The firmware is a piece of C/C++/Java code that is compiled to Machine language and is understood by your PCBs. The server software/ client software can be a web service, a standalone Java or other application that works in tandem with your PCBs firmware to process the data they emit using sensors which are connected to them. Or the PCBs can just control other actuators such levers or valves, air conditions units or building management systems. The applications are innumerable.

Areas of application

  • Smart homes/ smart cities/ smart power grid
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Industrial automation
  • Energy
  • Hospitality
  • Geospatial mapping

Internet of Things – IoT

The IoT is the future. We can implement your connected devices with IoT Servers providing you access to large volumes of data for reporting and analytics..

Taking it up a notch.,

Business analytics

Managing data is a tricky thing, especially once you see that it’s all about generating insights, seeing hidden trends that help you navigate in rough markets. This is where everything hinges, finding the right Business intelligence team that can deliver using the right algorithms. ET has an in-house team of database experts and we liaise with leading Data Scientists to do this right. NoSQL, SQL RDBMs, Elastic search are a few of the data stores we can implement for you.

SIP based IP-PBX for
Enterprisewide Unified Communications

Do you think your missing too many of those crucial calls where you end up losing leads and your valued customers. We sure know you are if your depending on old fashioned PSTN telephone connections and call logs to do the job.


Unlimited extensions
Call Center Agent Groups
Call Forwarding & Transfers
Conditional Call Routing
IVR and Custom Record Playback
3rd party/ in-house sytems integration
Call recording and play back
Call Scheduling
Reporting and analytics tools to go
Call Ques, Call Monitoring, Caller ID, Call Conferencing
Use existing network infrastructure
Hot Desking, Calendar integration
PSTN/ IP network integration

IOT Cloud Time Attendance Machine & HR System

ET being one of the regions poineers in IoT PCB design and engineering built an unique biometric time attendance and access control device over this novel technology. A cloud HRIS complements the EYE 360, our fingerprint device allowing seamless management of any corporates most valued resource, it's human resources. Having a fully fledged Cloud based IoT server API allows even thirdy party HR systems intergration so the possibilities are endless. Another unique feature is the devices support of SIM GPRS data for real time attendance marking as well DHCP support, which makes setting up quick and easy.

Cloud HRIS and Payroll Software

The Eye360 HRIS is a complete hosted solution which can intergrate seamlessly with our device. Managinge employee information, payroll, leave, shifts and multiple entities are supported. Generating EPF/ETF and Payee tax schedules are a breeze. KPI and performance management features are on the horizon.

Track Multiple Locations Simultaneoulsy
Ethernet (RJ-45)
GPRS(SIM) data
Auto-syncs records even after a network error
Eco-mode upto 02 days on back up

The CLOUD POS is a easy to use, fully fledged cloud point of sale solution. Inventory is maintained over the cloud and sales are carried out using a touchscreen tablet or conventional PC.

The graphical menu layout on the sales interface is easy to use and allows quick item selection using barcode or QR code or serial entry. Internet connections can sometimes be unreliable, and the CLOUD POS will work just fine without connectivity and automatically sync transactions once it is back. The CLOUD POS also streamlines purchase order placement to your suppliers by directly connecting to them. You can even schedule automatic PO sending to reduce manual oversight. Another significant advantage of the cloud based POS solution is that a business owner can have a birds eye view of multiple stores using a single app login and then select a store to see detailed sales reports as they happen. Don't wait, join the Cloud POS revolution by ESOFT Technologies, a cutting edge sales and inventory manager with many bundled cool features at an affordable monthly plan.